North90 PowerPoint template

This PowerPoint template formed part of the inaugural branding set-up for North90 – a dynamic leadership-coaching consultancy operating from Rotterdam.

The template’s striking visual appearance was largely achieved by harnessing the brand’s unique colour palette. Another good example of utilising the brand’s assets to their fullest potential, was the bold use of the ‘North90 bear’ (the icon portion of the logo) in the divider slides.

TalentObjects deck

The aim of this project was to rejuvenate the old deck and align it to the new branding.

The old deck had all the great content in place that was put together by a competent author, but it lacked the design flair that makes a presentation interesting.

I ensured that the new branding was brought to life and that the information was presented in a clear and easy-to-understand way. The end result: a credible presentation.

Thomsons Online Benefits keynote presentation

For a presentation designer like myself, designing for the stage is always particularly exciting. I think it’s the anticipation of the collective energy on the day that is most thrilling. So when Chris Bruce of Thomsons Online Benefits approached me with this task, I accepted right a way!

The keynote was due to be delivered at the company’s annual conference, where employees are gathered to be informed and inspired. My job was to create a set of supporting visuals to Chris’ script. Large full bleed imagery was used in abundance to make that emotional connection with the audience; whilst some slides consisted only of large, punchy key phrases that focussed attention.

The end result was a presentation that matched the fun, quirky and caring company culture. It helped move the audience towards feeling proud (to be part of Thomsons Online Benefits), and also more receptive to the MD’s message.

Vroomf reseller proposal

Cagan Tech set out to gain traction by reselling it’s Vroomf chatbot product.

The presentation was created as a means of following up on their sales meetings by way of email. It is a good example of what I refer to as a stand-alone deck meaning that the recipient browses through the slides at his/her leisure, without the aid of a presenter.

Being a typical stand-alone deck, it is text heavy, and so care was taken with each layout to ensure that the content is easy to digest and inviting to read.

The lovely people at Cagan Tech provided the raw content/text, and the project was turned around within 48 hours. Working closely together doing real-time updates enabled the deadline to be met.

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